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Happy Fall

Hello Humans of the Internet!  It’s the first day of Fall of as I like to call it the first day that people aren’t completely judgmental about my excitement for Halloween.  This is my favorite time of year, so get ready, y’all. 

As I mentioned on Monday, I have already started collecting Halloween items.  I’m not going to show you all of them yet because I have big plans for Halloweek (my name for the seven days leading up to Halloween because seriously dressing up on just one day is not enough for me).  So, get excited.  Unless you hate Halloween (I can’t image living life like that but you do you) then just avoid this site until November you should be good then.

While I was finding my Halloween items in Dollar General (because obviously I’m classy like that), I noticed a little girl dragging her father onto the Halloween aisle.  I’m over here debating over getting a skull wine glass or skull shot glasses (I’m 22, and very against underaged drinking honestly I probably won’t even drink alcohol out of it).  This litter girl (she looks about 7 or 8) saying “look, they have costumes!” “Look at this skeleton!” “Daddy, I need this,” she said holding up a gravestone paper weight.  I had decided on the wine glass but may totally go back for the shot glasses later and had moved on to Halloween make-up.  Now, I took a stage make-up class and have good fancy character make-up, but I really like doing injury make-up and was out of fake blood so I was trying to find some.

My mom walked over from her legitimate grocery shopping and found me.  She asked why I needed more make-up and I told her that I was out of fake blood.  When I said this that little girl stopped mid-sentence of explaining to her father why she needed plastic spiders and stared at me in complete awe and joy.  Now, I don’t know what was going through her mind, but I feel like she wanted to know what kind of life I lead that I can need fake blood because I’m out.

So, I might be judged by the cashier who was surprised that I was already buying Halloween stuff and my parents who never got that excited about the holiday but, that little girl’s day was made.  I pretty sure she wants to lead a life that let’s you be out of fake blood.


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4 thoughts on “Happy Fall

  1. I enjoyed reading your post so much! If it helps, I really like Halloween too but in a country where people other than a few youngsters, don’t celebrate it, it’s boring! So my only source of info is through you guys! I’d like to hear more about your Halloween experiences! 😊😊

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  2. Oh well. I love you dearly, but Halloween and I are kind of at odds. But I will still read about your enjoyment of it. And my grandchildren are with you in their love of the day.


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