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The Blessings of Modern Technology

Hello Humans of the Internet!  It’s Monday again.  (technically it’s Sunday as I’m writing this, but it will be Monday when I post it.  I’m trying to write this weeks posts early).  I’m currently taking a break from rearranging my room. (Does anyone else just get in weird moods and start moving furniture or dye their hair hot pink?  Just me? okay)  I want to share a story about technology and how much I love it.

First of all, I’ve always liked computers and computer games.  I’ve been playing computer games since I was a very small child.  We had Barbie Magic Hair stylist (might have gotten the name of that one wrong but the important thing was that you could give Barbie pink highlights and blue lipstick.) and Freddie the Fish and SimPark.  I still really like computers, I mean my job is doing art on computers and I love it.  I also blog instead of engaging in actual face to face human interactions.  That’s what this story is about.

On Saturday I was out shopping for Halloween supplies and using this blog as an excuse to buy more than I needed.  For Lunch, I went to McDonald’s because french fries are my favorite food.  Now, I haven’t been to the McDonald’s in my home town in awhile as I’ve been busy going to school and whatnot.  Anyway, they’ve renovated it and it’s awesome.  Why is it awesome? you ask.  Because you can now choose to order at the check out counter and interact with actual people or order and pay off to the side at one of four touch screen menus.  You can self check-out at this McDonald’s!

Honestly this was the best thing ever.  I didn’t have to try to make small talk and accidentally say something really awkward  Like, “Hi, (person who’s name will be censored from this story) I haven’t seen you since you dropped out of high school.”  Small town life.  I didn’t have this interaction:

Me: I’d like a hamburger.

Cashier: *inputs cheeseburger*

Me: No cheese please

Cashier: extra cheese?

Me: no cheese just a burger.

Cashier: *literally gives me just a hamburger patty. no ketchup no pickles no bun.*

That was a real life thing that happened.  Both of those things.

But, on Saturday, I just hit a button that said “NO CHEESE” it was great.  I got to get a small drink and a medium fry without the person telling me “but did you know that you can upgrade to a medium drink for no extra cost? And for (whatever cents more) you could have a large?” Yes, I know and I want a small drink and a medium fry.  Kind of like when I buy bathing suits and I get an extra small top and a medium bottom and you know what the person in Wal-Mart doesn’t tell me that I can upgrade to a medium top, so why are you?  But I digress, back to the amazing invention.

I got my food and it was one of the most stress-free fast food experiences of my life.  Which got me thinking about how reliant I’m becoming on technology.  I only have about three real life friends (people that I talk to and interact with face to face) and one of those friends is actually my baby cousin, so I don’t know if that even counts.  But, I tell people (my parents who worry about my nerd hermitting) that I have lots of friends because I consider all of y’all friends.  I read y’all’s blogs and care about your lives:  I feel like I know you even though I’ve never actually met you.  And honestly I think that’s great the internet let’s people who would otherwise never connect learn about each other’s existence.

Modern technology helps me in so many ways.  Whenever I type I rarely have dyslexic glitches that abound in my handwriting (Yes, I did steal calling them glitches from you, Elizabeth, it’s the most adorably accurate description I’ve ever heard and I’ve actually just adopted it into my vocabulary in the past two days.)  Reading is made significantly easier by audio-books.  Pokemon Go (I’m one of the cool kids still playing that game) gives me a reason to stare at my phone and avoid human contact when I go outside.  Text messaging lets me pretend that my friend desperately needs me when I’m on an awkward date that I want to escape from (that actually happened to one of my three friends, I don’t go on dates very often at all).

So, as I’m writing this I’m realizing that maybe modern technology is not as much of a blessing as I had originally thought when I first had the idea for this post.  Several tangents in, I’m realizing that maybe it’s just feeding my reclusive tendencies.  Maybe I actually have no idea how to interact with real humans in real life.  Maybe modern technology is the reason that I only talk to three people.  Maybe instead of writing and drinking my instant coffee all night, I should drive into town and sit in that one coffee shop while writing on Saturday mornings.  Maybe that would encourage a healthy amount of socializing and sleep.  Maybe I would be better off.  Maybe I’d meet someone…

Yeah, probably not.  I’m going to go make some coffee and watch some YouTube.

Much love, AK


I'm a writer with dyslexic.

3 thoughts on “The Blessings of Modern Technology

  1. I am very glad you adopted glitches. Please use it everywhere you can. I am so tired of things being called disabilities. Don’t get me started labeling kids as autistic. We always knew odd kids and accepted them as they were. Ah well.

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