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More About Hurricanes

Hello Humans of the Internet!  My grandparents are safely evacuated and staying at our house.  I know its Saturday.  I’m stuck in a house with most of my family, so I’m blogging and hanging out with my bunny instead of talking about politics.

We’ve all been stocking up on food for the coming storms.  Was that a little dramatic?  That’s the attitude of everyone around this house.  Where we are, there should only be rain and wind, we’re not in the direct path of Irma.  But we have three gallon containers of water as well as two 24 packs of water bottles.  There is so much stuff in our tiny house that it’s insane.  Our pantry has spilled into the entire kitchen and the living room.  How did this happen?  Literally everyone as been stocking up separately.  After work, my mom and I (we carpool) went hurricane shopping on Thursday.  My sister stopped by the store on her way back from work.  So did my dad.  Then, when my grandparents arrived, they also had been hurricane shopping.

We all had the thought that we should get extra just in case Jose is as bad or worse then Irma.  We might have extra people or longer then expected and be unable to really go anywhere.

Unrelated, it’s my grandparents anniversary and tomorrow is grandparents day.  I feel like I should do something nice for them.  Any ideas?

A very blurry picture that I took of the Spam section in Wal-Mart




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5 thoughts on “More About Hurricanes

  1. You say ‘hurricane shopping’ like I’d say ‘shopping’, almost casually! I do hope you and your family stay safe and are able to celebrate with your grandparents without any drama, whatever you decide to do. But you should definitely celebrate indoors!

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