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Let’s Talk about Weather

Hello Humans of the internet.  It’s hurricane season.  It happens every year.  Some years are worse then others.  This year is shaping up to be one of the worse type of years.  Heads up, there’s a hurricane (maybe two) coming.  I’ll try to keep up my blogging schedule.  If the power goes out, there’s not much I can do though.  My parents lost power for 5 days last year.  Just a heads up about the week ahead.    

As I have mentioned before, I live in South Carolina.  South Carolina has weird weather.  When I was little I used to be really confused when we learned about the four seasons, because, our weather isn’t like that.  I remember my kindergarten teacher explaining seasons.  It went a little something like this:

Teacher: When it’s really hot outside, we call that what?  That’s right summer!

Me (in my head because I didn’t talk in class): I don’t know everyday from March and October?

Teacher:  And when it cools off and we go back to school?

Me (still in my head): What do you mean cools off when we go back to school.  We go back to school in August, but we also have temperatures over 100 degrees sometimes (Fahrenheit of course).

Teacher: What about when it’s really cold?  There might be snow and we have Christmas?

Me (still in my head):  Christmas is in December.  It gets pretty cold for about two weeks there.  But what is this snow you speak of.  I’ve never heard of it.

Teacher:  After Winter it warms back up and everything is green.  There’s lots of flowers.

Me (again in my head):  It’s always green most of our trees are evergreens.  There’s usually flowers.  There has been random years where it was warm enough for flowers in February.  I don’t understand the question.

The point of that being that I think we need to come up with a new way of counting the seasons.  One that takes into account all the weirdness of South Carolina weather.  Of course, hurricane season would have to be one of the seasons.

Right now, we’re getting ready for Irma.  I still have work tomorrow, but a lot of teachers don’t.  Probably because schools are used as shelters during this sort of thing and evacuations have already started.  I think right now it’s just people out on the islands like Edisto of course that might no longer be true by the time I post this.  I know my grandparents haven’t been evacuated yet, but they are going to come anyway because they heard that they were going to get evacuated soon.

It’s strange because I feel like everyone makes a lot of jokes about hurricanes.  I mean people throw hurricane parties.  While we were getting our Hurricane supplies, I mostly just wandered around the store and made jokes about what was missing.  There was a tropical storm on the day I graduated from high school and we all made a bunch of jokes and pretended that the storm was graduating too.  But, hurricanes are terrifying and this is coming from a person who walks in storms because I like them.  I’ve been on the beach during a tropical storm (that’s weaker than a hurricane) and it was awe-inspiring.  Awe-inspiring as in ten year old me suddenly realized that humans are mortal and the water could kill me.  The ocean is a powerful thing.

To everyone affected by hurricanes this year and every year, stay safe.  Try to stay dry.  Listen to mandatory evacuation notices.

much love, AK


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