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Now that College Students are Back in School

Hello humans of the internet!  It’s Wednesday.  I hope that you have been having good weeks so far.  While I enjoyed having Labor Day off on Monday, I feel like I had to do double the work on Tuesday.  Part of me wishing that I hadn’t had the day off but the rest of me recognizes that breaks like that are good for the mental well-being.  At this point in the year, almost everyone who is still in school is back in school.  This post is not really for you, it is for the people who love you and miss you and want you to have a great college experience.  (You should send this to one of those people)

As I think I’ve mentioned, my younger cousin is a college freshman, who has just left home for the first time.  A lot of my school friends are still in school.  I wanted to do something for those people in my life because I know that college can be very stressful.  The way that I found to brighten their days is by making care-packages.  I know, not very original, but I’m making a tutorial of how to make an extra cute care package.

  1. Go to a dollar store and buy things that will make them happy.  You probably know the person you are making a care-package for, right?  Do you see socks with their favorite animal on it?  A water bottle with a mildly inappropriate joke that will make them laugh?  stickers from their favorite childhood tv show?  Anything that makes you think of them.  Give yourself a budget, mine was $15 and just have fun finding things that will make the person happy.
  2. Assemble the items for packing.  You have to know what size box to put it in.  (If you already have a box and not everything that you bought fits, you can always save some stuff for the next care package).
  3.  Next would be to find a decorate the box.  For this I used some of that scrapebooking stuff that I’ve had for years and just never used.  I always think that I’ll be one of those people who scrape book.  I’m not one of those people.  I’m one of those people who has an insane amount of scrapebooking stuff for someone who doesn’t scrapbook.  But it came in handy for this.  I cut the paper to size and then glued it to the inside of the box giving her a nice surprise when she opened it.
  4. Fill the box.  Now all you have left to do is to fill the box.  I filled it with the stuff pictured above plus a few surprises that I can’t talk about because the receiver of this box reads this blog sometimes.  (It included a few “Open When…” envelopes which won’t be any fun for her if I talk about it here.)  But here is what it looked like before I sealed it all up and put it in the mail.

Yes, I call my little cousin Panda.  And yes I signed it Anna and not AK.  That’s what she calls me.  I hope you enjoyed this, I enjoyed making it.  I have an Emergency Exam Pack planed, so if you would like to see that let me know and I’ll be sure to take pictures of it for y’all to see.  Have a great rest of the week.

Much love, AK


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