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Hello Humans of the internet!  It’s Thursday!  “But, AK, you only post on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Why are you online right now?” Well, I realized that I made a mistake yesterday, so I’m posting today to address that.  

I write most of my posts on my laptop, then save them and post them from my phone.  This has been a fairly okay system so far.  I’ve only made a few mistakes.  The ones that I’ve made in the past I’ve deleted the post and moved on confident that no one had seen it.  However, a few minutes ago when I was sitting down to write tomorrow’s blog post which will be about my favorite font (so interesting, I know), I decided to look over yesterdays post and discovered that it was the version 1 not version 2.  Meaning that I had posted the rough draft unedited version that didn’t even included the cute pictures that I had taken.  I thought about reposting the whole post here, or just updating that post, or deleting it like I would have done in the past.  But I felt like it was best to just say, I”m sorry guys, I messed up.  Here are the cute pictures that I took for yesterday’s most.

Here’s the tsum tsums I’ve collected
No picture can do these things justices.  These dolls are insanely cute and tiny.  
A small number of my Lucky Egg toys hanging out with the Furby Baby (His name is Max)
and finally the drawer of shame.  (All of my unopened mystery boxes)


I'm a writer with dyslexic.

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