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Not so secret obsession

Hello humans of the internet! We all have silly things we do that make us feel better on a bad day.  At least I hope so because I definitely do. 

As a kid, I remember waiting with my mom in the line at IGA, hoping that she would get a quarter with her change so that I could get one of the toys out of the Lucky Egg machine.  It had a paint chipped chicken in the middle and all around her were brightly colored eggs containing small, easily broken plastic toys.  I absolutely loved the sound of the machine’s gears turning right before the plasticy rattle that was the egg being deposited in the small compartment that you could then retrieve it from.  Believe it or not, I still have some of the tiny toys that I got from the Lucky Egg machine.

I didn’t matter how bad my day had been, the Lucky Egg always managed to cheer me up.  When I was bullied by other kids, called on to read out loud in class (which obviously I couldn’t do), or even if I had to get a shot at the doctor.  My mom called them bravery prizes.  She still gives us bravery prizes.  When my brother broke his elbow at work, she mailed him a Marvel Tsum Tsum mystery bag to open.

Whenever I started college, I had a hard time making friends and the rate of my dysadventure occurrences seemed to go up ten fold (mostly because I was stressed out and that aggravates dyslexia.)  So, I started getting myself little bravery prizes and justifying them in my head.  Like I deserve this, I ate lunch with that person who invited me to lunch and made conversation with him.  Or, I got a C on that paper.  Or, I had to go to miss classes and go to the doctor because I had an asthma attack that lasted for about 30 minutes (this was before I had a rescue inhaler after that my asthma was labeled as “uncontrolled”).  Literally, everything was a reason that I deserved a bravery prize.  I expanded my bravery prizes from just Lucky Egg toys to the currently very popular, mystery box toys.  This are actually better for me because I buy a couple when they are on sale and open one when I feel I deserve it.  I’m doing better at having real reasons to give myself bravery prizes.

Last Friday I rewarded myself for learning the program kind of on the fly and for not sassing my boss.  I have a problem with authority, I don’t know why.  I try not to.  This whole shelf is the mass collection of tiny toys that I have bought myself because I felt like I deserved a prize.

What about you?  What do you do after a really bad day?  Or are you obbsessed with mystery boxes and Lucky Eggs (or apparently other people call them capsule toys according to the internet.)  Have a good weekend!  Until next time, much love, AK.


I'm a writer with dyslexic.

6 thoughts on “Not so secret obsession

  1. Off hand, I would say authority has not been very friendly, overall, to you. No wonder you doubt and resist it. As for me, I’m afraid it is now and always has been ice cream. Not so healthy as those little toys.

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