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To The Sky

Hello Humans of the internet!   Its Monday yet again. I hope your weekends went well.  Last week, I didn’t want to talk about the eclipse because, I had an idea of what I was going to say,  but I don’t feel like it was good yet.  Today, I feel like it’s ready to post, so here it is. 

As many of you know on August 21st there was a solar eclipse that went right across the U.S.  I happen to be lucky enough to live in South Carolina, one of the places that got to experience this.  It was really fascinating to watch.  We couldn’t see all of it because a thunderstorm was coming (super normal for South Carolina in August).  What I could see was really cool though.  Not being able to see the sun forced us to notice the effect it was having on the Earth.  All of the animals got silent at first.  Nothing moved.  It got dark, but not dark like night.  Somehow it seemed darker than normal dusk.  Maybe this was just because it was moving faster than dusk usually does.  But I think it may also have had to do with the position of the sun in the sky.  There weren’t any long shadows leading up to night fall.  It was the heat of the day, then it wasn’t.  The temperature dropped suddenly by about 10-15 degrees.

The biggest thing that I noticed was that only pople were looking up.  When covered in shadows, we looked up at the sky at the last pinpricks of likght available.  Whereas all of the animals were seeking cover.  This got me thinking about humans’ collective captivation with the sky.  When cats stare at the sky, they are watching birds.  When birds, look to the sky, they are taking flight.  Everything has  a reason to look at the sky.  They have a mission.  But what are people watching the sky for.  Humans have a long history of watching stars.  As long as there have been people we have been making up storeis about them.  Or studying them. Or trying to reach the sky.

When it rains, everying other animate creature takes cover, but some people (myself included) walk in the rain.  Why?  Because we like to.  We stay up late to gaze on the stars.  We stand on the beach and watch waves crashing.  We watch thunderstorms and snowfall (unless you live in the South Carolina low country, then we just watch thunderstorms and colder thunderstorms).

It’s one of the most beautiful things about people.  As a group, we always look up and seeking something.  I don’t know what we are seeking, but the collective hope we find in ourselves by looking to the sky is beautiful.

much love, AK



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