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As Summer Ends

Hello Humans of the Internet!  I hope that you all had fantastic weekends!  I couldn’t decide if I wanted to write this post when school went back because that’s what I typically view as the end of summer or on the first day of fall because that’s the actual end of summer.  I decided that now is a good time because I’m working so my vacation time is over and I didn’t feel like talking about the eclipse.  

A while back I wrote a post including my summer bucket list and a very inarticulate description of my feelings towards bucket lists.  I’ll link it right here if you want to go back and read it.  But, I’m actually about to recount most of it right here so…probably not worth going back and reading even if you missed it.

  1. Go somewhere you’ve never been.  (I went to Missouri to help my brother move in.  I road about that Surprise Road Trip in that post and in these two here and here.
  2. Cook something you’ve never made before.  (I made fried tacos.  Possibly the most unhealthy thing that has ever been made.  But it was so good.)
  3. Write blog posts more regularly. (This I’m very proud of.  It took awhile to get here.  I started this blog in 2015, but it wasn’t until July 17th of this year, that I finally found the motivation to write three times a week to all of you.  I intend to write a a full post about this in about a month on Dysadventures anniversary, so for now just know that I’m constantly grateful that anyone wants to read what I have to say and doubly so that its people as amazing as y’all.  (And I can call y’all amazing in complete confidence because I read almost all of y’all’s blogs. (I had to throw in the almost just in case I missed someone’s blog (I’m sorry that I use parenthesis so often and inappropriately))).)
  4. Finish at least 10 sewing projects. (Here are the ten that I was the most proud of.  And no, I didn’t think to take pictures of them.
    1. A dress for my Sophie Hatter cosplay.  This is going to be a full post next week that I’m pretty excited about.
    2. A hat for my Sophie Hatter cosplay.  Yes I did put those as two different projects.  Both of them took longer then they should have so I feel really good about calling the same costume different projects.
    3. A bra.  While I’m really proud of this one because bras are really had to make, I have no intention of taking pictures of it because that just seems a little too intimate.
    4. An Apron.  Actually more than one apron because I’m obsessed with aprons.  I currently own about six.  They don’t go to waste either, I use them when I’m baking or gardening or hanging out laundry.
    5. Paul’s pillow.  I made a pillow case for my brother.  It was not exciting or difficult.
    6. A drink coaster with a sugar glider on it.  Why did I make this? Simple, I was sad and I thought it would be cool if a sugar glider could hold my drink.
    7. A baby dress.  I had a very small amount of a very cute fabric and a very cute pattern.  Luckily I actually do know a lot of people with babies.  Unluckily, they all have boys. I have no idea what to do with this dress.
    8. Banners.  My Sunday school students and I made little banners to help them remember their memory verse for the day.  It was Psalm 27:1 “The Lord is my light and my salvation.  Whom shall I fear?”  (please correct me if I’m wrong, I’m apparently too lazy to pick up the Bible that’s currently within arms reach and check)
    9. Pillows shaped like candles.  These were on the same day as the banners but they were a slightly easier project for the younger kids.
    10. A blanket.  This wasn’t technically a sewing project because it was crochet.  But, I’m going to count it because I really like how it turned out.)
  5. Drive alone.  (I got hit by a tree.)
  6.  Build something. (Another fail.  I’m trying to build an outdoor hutch for my bunny to hang out it and get some fresh air.  The key word being trying.  More on that latter.)
  7. Bake something new. (I watch too much “Great British Baking Show” and convinced myself that I could make cool things like bread shaped like a leaf.  I can’t. But I tried and that’s what counts, right?  I’ll stick to biscuits and flatbread.)

Did anyone else make a summer bucket list?  If so, how did it go/how is it going?  Are you successful or have you ended up sitting on the couch and eating chips?  All in all, I think I was pretty successful.  Even where I failed completely.  The way I see it is that I was pushing myself and I reached beyond my current limits.  (Except with the car…that was hydroplaning.  Water is scary.)  Anyway, maybe that won’t always be my limits.  The only way to know is to try again and see what happens.

much love, AK


I'm a writer with dyslexic.

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