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The State of Things

Hello Humans of the Internet!  We’ve made it to another Monday and considering all the things going on in the world that’s something to be grateful for.  This is going to be another fairly short post because I don’t have a lot to say, but also feel that I can’t be silent.  I’m sure that I’m not the only person that feels like that right now. 

The world seems to be in a pretty bad place.  We have wars and threats of wars.  We have conflict in most nations.  We have more racial tension then I ever remember seeing in my 22 years.  (I recognize that there have been times in history when there was more racial tension, but not that I have ever seen.)  We have nuclear threats.  We have the ever threat of global warming and different environmental crisis.  We have foreign and domestic terrorist.  We have a seriously abnormal amount of mass shootings.  It can feel like the end of the world.

All the things going on in the world, reminded me of a story I was told about Martin Luther. (That’s Martin Luther, founder of the Lutheran Church who nailed the 95 thesis on the door of the Catholic and began the Reformation.  Not to be confused with Martin Luther King, Jr. who was a key player in the Civil Rights Movement.  Back to the story about Martin Luther.)  He was a very religious man and was asked once by someone what he would do if he knew that the world would end tomorrow.  His response was that he would plant a tree.  The point is that we can’t know what lies ahead.  But if the world doesn’t end tomorrow, someday, someone will have a beautiful tree.  Go plant some trees.


I'm a writer with dyslexic.

5 thoughts on “The State of Things

  1. There’s plenty of bad things… And another bundle of good things on the opposite side…. Not that the ratio is equal…
    But true… It can be a bit overwhelming.
    The story of Martin Luther is so good!

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    1. Thanks for coming by. That is a good point; it’s important to remember the good things, especially when the bad are overwhelming. I’m glad that you liked the story. It’s one of my favorites about Martin Luther.

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  2. See if you can tear yourself away from the news for even a day. Being overwhelmed is a natural response to the bombardment of bad news, but you need to also keep on doing that which you are called to do. In your case, reaching out through your blog and helping others understand the challenges of dyslexia.

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