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Tricks and Copes #4

Hello humans of the internet. I was reading over some old blog posts and realized is been a really long time since I did a tricks and copes post.  This was something that I had originally planned to post once a month.  I’m not sure if I’ll be able to keep that up simply because I don’t discover these that frequently. 

Tricks and Copes #4: audio books

This is one that most people with dyslexia heat about at a very young age.  However,  because I was not identified until I was 15, I missed out on a lot of things that would have benefited my education. I had heard of audio books before,  of course.  My grandmother listened to them when she was driving.  I just believed that they only had historical romance novels and the bible as audio books. 

It wasn’t until a sleepless night early I  my college career that I discovered audio books on the school library’s website.  It opened up a whole world for me. Audio books made reading plays so much easier for me to understand.  I mean,  it made everything easier,  but as I was a theater major, I read a lot of plays. 

I’ve been told that most people who are identified early,  are told to use audio books.  Thoes people are very lucky. I did wonder if anyone ergo doesn’t have trouble reading enjoys audio books.  It’s always a little disappointing that it’s more expensive then a regular book. I do understand why.  All the people working on it deserve to be paid fairly for their work. 

Have a wonderful weekend!  Much love AK!


I'm a writer with dyslexic.

9 thoughts on “Tricks and Copes #4

  1. I’ve also recently developed an afffinity for audiobooks, albeit for a different reason.
    I drive truck 8 to 13 hours a day and finding time to read was difficult between family, blogging, writing, and marketing. Audible has reopened my world of books.

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