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I Didn’t Have a Plan for Today’s Blog

Hello, Human’s of the internet!  This has been a really long week and it’s only Monday.  Ahhh!  Don’t get me wrong I love working with children,  but sometimes they sap the energy out of you.  I planned on writing a second “We’re all just people on a Big Blue Planet” interview over the weekend to pay today, but, I’m still working on getting it together.  It should be up next week or later on this week.  For now I’m going to talk about my favorite color.  First of all, you’re right, this is random and has nothing to do with dyslexia.  

I’m not sure why I decided to write about my favorite color because, I don’t really have one.  I’ve always told people that my favorite color was glitter.  I am well aware that glitter is not a color.  It is however part of ever single out fit that I have ever put on since middle school.  All of my make up has glitter or is glitter.  One of my pillows is covered in glitter.  I have glitter hair spray.  Once in middle school, I tried to start a political party called “sparkle party.”  You get the idea.  I don’t necessarily like a particular color, I just really like glitter.

You know what, I think that I want to talk about “Sparkle Party,” today.  This is an idea that I came up with when I was 11 at Thanksgiving.  My dad, uncles, and grandfather were talking about politics.  In my 11-year-old mind that thought she knew everything, I decided that I was going to invent my own political party.  It was completely based on the idea that everyone was wrong.  My idea was that if people could just listen, to each other and to God, there wouldn’t be any need for political parties.  So, logically, I came up with a political party that was against political parties.  But, that’s the logic of a kid.  Looking back on it, it was really funny, but also super cool of my parents to encourage my siblings and I to talk about world events even when we were really young.  I hope that if I ever have kids I’ll be able to be as good a parent to my kids as my parents were for me.

But, maybe I would, you know tell them that glitter wasn’t a color so they didn’t get picked on in school.  Until next time, have a wonderful week!  If you want to share let me know what your favorite color is and why.  And here’s a picture of Doctor the bunny. 

  Much love, AK


I'm a writer with dyslexic.

4 thoughts on “I Didn’t Have a Plan for Today’s Blog

  1. A political party against political parties, with the concept of listening to each other is a hilarious idea. 11 yr old you was smart! Also, your bunny is very cute!


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