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Telling Time

Hello humans of the internet! I hope you’ve all had amazing weeks! We have made it to Friday and that’s what matters. I’m on the way to a movie with my friend (he’s driving) as I’m writing this.  I’ve spent this whole week working at an arts camp.  It’s had its ups and downs and I get to do it all again next week.  What I wanted to talk about today is time. 

I’m going to label this as a dysadventures even though it doesn’t really have anything to do with reading. I have no concept of time.  At all.  I’m always surprised by how much time has passed.  I’ve been told that this is common for people with dyslexia.  This is usually not too much of a problem.  However,  when you’re in charge of children you need to keep up with how much time is paying because they aren’t going to. 

Anyway, I had a twenty minute class then the  little kids had nap time. And my watch broke.  So, I had no idea when they were supposed to go to class. I felt like it had been maybe five minutes when a co-worker popped they’re head in the door. I thought wow,  it’s been longer then I thought,  I’m already getting a five minute warning, I’ve been in here for 15 minutes.  It turns out, I missed the five warning…i was almost 10 minutes over.  Stuff like this happens to me a lot.  The kids were fine and got plenty of nap.  I apologized and jokingly blamed dyslexia. My coworker had a bit of an issue with this.  She told me that it wasn’t a dyslexic problem but a”me problem.”

I understand what she was saying.  She didn’t think I should blame my learning disability because she felt not keeping up with time was just me.  But see, dyslexic problems are “me problems.” It affects how my brain works. It affects the way I process the world around me.  

I hope you all stay safe this weekend.  Much love. 


I'm a writer with dyslexic.

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