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Hello humans of the internet.  This is kind of a rant post today.  In this modern world distractions are everywhere.  If we’re upset about something we can lose ourselves online or binge watch a entire television series instead of facing our problems.  I’m guilty of this.  It’s easier to watch a funny cat video then to face reality. 

 Yesterday, I zoned out during the sermon and started planning what I’m doing in a pokemon game instead. The pastor was preaching on the parable of the wheat and weeds. This is one of the parables that describes the end times and the separation of sinners and saints. These are always a little difficult to hear.  I don’t want to think about God who is all good condemning people,  so instead I zoned out and just didn’t listen.  

And I realized that this is the problem.  With the internet and social media,  we could be exposed to so many ideas.  We have the capability of hearing almost every point of view,  yet we chose not to listen. We chose to surround ourselves with people who act and think like ourselves.  Instead of learning about what the world has to offer,  we distract ourselves with what’s comfortable.  So,  today I’m making the conscious choice to listen and to be present.  I’ll do my best to not zone out because I’m uncomfortable.  I’m not going to binge watch tv to drown negative emotions. I’m going to confront them in myself.  When I’m scared or mad,  I’m going to ask myself why instead of finding cute pictures on Pinterest. It’s time for me to stop living distracted. 


I'm a writer with dyslexic.

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