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Hello humans of the internet!  Have you all been having a good day?  I hope so, I’ve been having a very busy couple of days.  Between helping my grandmother move, looking for a job, and doing chores for my parents (that’s what happens when you move back home guys) I’ve had almost no time for blogging even though I’ve been trying to blog more regularly this summer.  Luckily, I now have plenty of material to write about.

Chores around our house include things like, laundry, washing dishes, collecting eggs from the chickens, clearing garden beds, building coops and hutches and collecting honey.  Yesterday, I was collecting honey (and yes, this is an all day kind of a task) so, today I’m telling y’all about it.  

First of all a disclaimer:  this is not a tutorial.  I have no idea what I’m doing.

The night before, my dad had harvested the honey.  This means that he collected the combs that were filled with honey from the hives.  Then we had to filter the honey through food grade mesh to separate all the wax from the honey.  The separated honey had to sit over night to get all the bubbles out.

In the morning, I could finally start collecting the honey into jars, that is I could after preping the jars.  To do this I was told (by my parents who do know what they are doing.  They went to classes and joined a bee club) to first wash the jars and then boil them.  I couldn’t find the big pot that holds three or four jars at a time so, I individually boiled twenty mason jars for three minutes each.  I only burned myself once.  An hour later, I had finally finished boiling the jars.  Now, I just had to completely dry the jars before putting any water in.  If there  is water in the honey, it’ll go bad, but without water, honey with stay good for basically ever.

Finally, after all that, it was time to fill them.  The bucket has a spout on the bottom that lets the honey pour out so this part was relatively easy.  When my mom got home I proudly showed her my beautifully (at least I thought beautifully) poured jars of honey.  But apparently having a bunch of bubbles on top is not something people want on their honey.  So, my mom poured three of the jars back through the food grade mesh and I’m about to go start reboiling the jars and refilling them with honey.  As I said, I have no idea what I am doing.  At least I didn’t ruin the honey.



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