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That Time of Year

Hello humans of the internet!  I hope that you have had wonderful weeks and that wonderful things are in front of you.  It is mid-July.  In South Carolina that means a lot of things.  It means that triple digit temperatures is not unexpected.  It means bringing ice to outdoor animals all day.  It means almost nightly thunderstorms.  It means having to water the garden in the morning because even with downpours at least once a week, there isn’t enough water to counteract the heat.  And for my dad and older sister (both teachers) it means getting ready for school to start back.  They aren’t the only ones, this time of year, you can’t go into a store without being surrounded by back to school signs and rows of “college essentials.”  I was struck by the realization, that I never have to go to school again as I walked past the aisles filled with pencil cases and novelty notebooks.

Looking at all of the back-to-school-sales, I found myself reminiscing, wishing I could help the 18 year olds and their parents as they stressfully debated dorm room decor.

Don’t get me wrong, guys, I do not miss school.  What I miss is back to school shopping.  Being the youngest, almost everything I owned was a hand-me-down.  But, at the beginning of the school year, when you get your lists from the teachers, I always got to pick out new pencils, notebooks, and cutsey erasers.  It was the highlight of my middle school years.  There is an excitement that I can’t explain about opening up a new notebook with its crisp pages waiting to be filled with your notes, stories, doodles, and whatever bizarre ideas pop into your head throughout the day.

In regards to the parents of the 18-year-olds, your kid probably doesn’t need whatever it is you are debating over.  Dorm rooms are typically kind of small, it probably won’t fit.  Do buy toilet paper.  Just because its a hall bath and you shouldn’t need toilet paper doesn’t mean there will always be toilet paper.  You don’t want to go to pee on a Sunday afternoon only to discover that the toilet paper hadn’t been replaced since Friday and there had been a frat party the night before and some drunk person thought that it would be a great idea to unroll all the toilet paper.

What are your dorm room necessities?  What’s your favorite part of school?  Do you love back to school shopping or hate it?  Any questions or anything you’d like to add?  Scroll all the way down to the little envelope at the bottom of the page and share.

I don’t really have that much else to say today, y’all, but I do have some really cute pictures of my bunny.  So, I’m going to share them too.

Doctor’s first Photobomb


Bunny Selfie
Yes, I think that is your good side, Doctor


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