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A New Kind Of Adventure

Hello, humans of the internet! I hope you’ve been having a great day.  I’ve been having a great day and have come to a conclusion.  That conclusion is that I am happiest when I’m outside.  Especially, when I’m around gardens and animals.  This is probably due to how I was raised.  

I live in the country.  If you were to go looking for the middle of nowhere,  you would probably find my house.  Growing up,  we’ve always had a garden and animals including,  chickens,  dogs,  quail,  ducks,   bunnies, cats,  goats (briefly), guinea hens, budgies, an iguana (also briefly), snakes,  and several other animals that I’m sure I’ve forgotten. Recently I’ve begun thinking about living on my own small farm when I can finally move out.  I’m honestly spent on board with the idea of modern homesteading.  At some point,  I’d like to raise several kinds of livestock.  Chickens definitely make the list because I have the most experience with chickens. I would eventually like a small herd of miniature cows.  Yes,  that’s a thing.  Possibly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.  I love almost all animals (except opossums) so I’d like to try my hand at raising lots of different livestock.  After much deliberation, I have come to the conclusion that beginning with rabbits would be best for me. I love rabbits, I know a little bit about them and am excited to learn more.  So, I purchased some books on the subject,  began the pen and got the first member of my herd (that’s the name for a group of rabbits and I think that’s super cute).  Yesterday morning, I found him at the flea market near my house. 

He is a mini rex,  which is the breed I was considering for my herd.  His name is Dr. Grant (his PhD is in chewing and digging).

Personally I’m thrilled for a number of reasons. First of all,  he is a super  cute bunny.  Second,  this feels to me,  like the first steps in the right direction.  I’m finally being my own  person instead of the person, I think others want me to be.  It’s liberating and exciting. I know that’s a lot to put on a very small rabbit. 

I hope all my American friends have a good 4th and I hope everyone else has a lovely summer day.  Until next time,  which hopefully won’t be quite as long from now,  keep it weird and have a great day



I'm a writer with dyslexic.

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