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Dyslexic Navigation

Hello humans of the internet.  I hope y’all are having a great day and that tomorrow is even better.  This morning marked the beginning of the end of our road trip.  We are back on the Eastern side of the Mississippi River staying with family.  

I took this picture as we drive across the Mississippi. (Once again I had to use my phone because my camera is lying on my dresser).

Today,  I learned an important lesson that I honestly should have already figured out. Learning disabilities affect more than your ability to learn.  In fact they might affect your ability to learn the least,  everyone is capable of learning and everyone learns different.  Some of us just learn really differently.  I could go on about that for a couple thousand words,  but that’s not what I sat down to tell you about today.  Today we are talking about the things that are hard.  As much as I want to say that dyslexia doesn’t affect me that much three fact is,  it does.

Earlier today,  my dad put me in charge of navigation. I can read maps,  so this shouldn’t have been a problem.  But, as I think I’ve mentioned before,  stress makes dyslexia worse.  I’ve always had problem with right and left,  something that almost every person with dyslexia that I’ve met had did they also have trouble with.  You see how struggling with right and left could create problems?

What ended up happening was i looked down at a the map and saw our path going to the right i held up my right had and said “at that stoplight you need to turn right.” I was then really confused my dad angrily turned on his blinker,  and drive across two lanes of traffic in three opposite direction.

Luckily we figured out what had happened, pulled into a parking lot and figured out how to get back on track.  Despite the fact that everything was fixable, I felt so guilty.  Like this wouldn’t have happened if I could just grow up and deal with things.  The thing is that that will never be the case. I can’t grow up and stop having having a brain that works the way my brain does.  Usually,  I’m thankful forthe way I am. I figure if i could tag easily and stuff I might not be me and I rather like being me most of the time.

All in all this has been a pretty great trip.  My brother has moved into his new apartment,  and we got him some great furniture from the Habitat for Humanity thrift store,  Restore. I have collected quite the road trip haul to show y’all. And most importantly spent time with my family. As we’ve all gotten older and have begun doing or own thing my siblings and I have seen less and less of each other.  It might be different in your family,  but we have always been super close.

Until next time,  keep being weird and loving being you.  Also d enjoy some more pictures that I took.
This picture was taken by my older sister


I'm a writer with dyslexic.

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