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Road Trip Continued

Hello humans of the internet.  It’s been a long day.  We’ve been on the road since 7 o’clock this morning and are finally in our hotel at 10 o’clock.   In that time we have gone to has stations eaten a lot of food that is probably going to make is fat and driven through 6 states.

The day began at last night’s hotel in Georgia. I honestly don’t remember the name of that one as we didn’t find it until after midnight and left freakishly early. Luckily,  we’d gotten through Atlanta traffic yesterday so it was a pretty easy drive to Alabama.  

Our first gas stop of the day was in Alabama.  It was one of the creepiest gas stations I’ve ever been to.  The windows were barred with and reinforced.  It looked as if it had been broken into multiple times.  We also went to the grocery store.  Turns out all southern state grocery stores are basically the same.

We had lunch in Mississippi then spent about five seconds in Tennessee.   At this point i started to get confused because it seemed like we were jumping in and out of states. I’m sure if it actually took forever to get through Arkansas or if we were just all tired and cranky.  Towards the end of the day everyone was feeling a little bit punchy.  When we were driving through the Ozarks my dad commented that “it looks a bit mountainous here.” We were literally driving up a mountain.   Believe it or not,  everyone was tired enough to find this funny.

We finally reached Paul’s new apartment he had no furniture,  so he’s staying with us in the hotel tonight. Tomorrow we get to spend time with him and his girl friend who we met for the first time just a few hours ago.

Every time my siblings and I go”further from home than we have ever been” we say we are having our Sam moment because that’s what Sam said at the beginning of Tolkien’s series,  The Lord of the Rings.  This time,  even though none of us had ever been to Missouri before we realized that the quote no longer really fit.  The three of us have gone pretty far. We have long since taken our first step beyond the comfort zone and have been on this great adventure ever since.

I hope that you are all having wonderful adventures.  Until next time,  keep it weird, AK


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