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As Summer Begins

Hello humans of the internet.  As I mentioned once before, I am now a college graduate.  I am also an unemployed college graduate.  Recently (recently here meaning about an hour ago) I decided that I needed to view my unemployment as a blessing rather than a curse.  This is my last chance to really enjoy my summer vacation.  Right now is a very unique time in my life.  This is a time when I can explore creative pursuits and see what happens.  

For lack of a better term, this will be a summer bucket list.  I say for lack of a better term because I typically don’t like the idea of a bucket list, I’m more of a right now sort of person then a plan-aheader.  But, here is my first ever bucket list, hopefully this will not be too ambitious for me to accomplish.

  • Go somewhere I’ve never been
  • Cook a meal I’ve never made
  • Write blog posts more regularly (I do my best, I swear)
  • Finish at least 10 sewing projects (can’t let those four years studying costuming go to waste)
  • Drive alone (I’ve flown to a new country alone, walked around strange cities alone, navigated two different college campuses solo, but for some reason driving alone freaks me out, go figure)
  •  build something
  • bake something new

So, that’s what I’ve got for my summer bucket list.  Maybe I’ll be able to complete it and maybe not, the summer is just beginning.  Honestly, it feels like life is just beginning.  I know that I’m 22 and it’s about time my life began, but this is the first time that I do not have any school.  It feels a little weird to not be rushing to do stuff in my precious time off.

I’d love to hear about any adventure plans that any of you have for this summer.  Or any blog post suggestions, are there any questions you want to know the answer to (and that I would be able to answer).  Until next time, keep it weird and go on adventures.

much love, AK



I'm a writer with dyslexic.

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