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Hello, humans of the internet.  I would like to apologize in advance as this is not going to be my typical blog post simply because I am feeling not so positive this week.  I’ve been thinking for a while now about the world and the current political environment because, well, we have to live in this world.  I thought about not posting this, but as you are now reading it, you can see that I changed my mind.

There are many types of storms in our world.  There are storms like the one outside right now with thunder, rain, and fierce winds.  In the interest of being straight up with y’all, I’m actually super afraid of these storms.

There are also personal storms.  These typically take the form of insecurities.  Anytime you think that you aren’t good enough to be or do something.  Anytime you feel ugly.  Anytime you let negativity get you down, those are your personal storms and you think that you have to face them alone, but the fact of it is that no one has to face anything alone.

A third type of storm is the friendship storm.  This is all the friendship drama that you deal with in your life.  Most people assume that this particular type of storm.  Unfortunately this still happens in college (I have no data beyond this as I’ve not graduated yet).  The friendship storms are the really big fights in your friend groups that end in two of the people no longer talking to each other and everyone else feeling awkward for a few weeks before everything goes back to normal.

Finally, there are world storms.  An example of this is the political situation that has followed the election.  There has been so much hate and mistrusted building in the world for months now.  Now, I and many others find themselves in a world where we are afraid.  I am afraid for people around me.  There are wonderful people in my life who are Muslim-Americans, who are Hispanic, Mexican, African-American, homosexual, asexual, trans, Caucasian, straight, whatever; and these are the people who make the world great.  It is the diversity that makes us stronger and better.  I know that I am just a random girl with a learning disability writing blogs that only a handful of people read.  I know that I have no authority to say anything.  All I can really do is pray that none of our fears come true.  And I pray that you pray with me.

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I'm a writer with dyslexic.

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