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Packing Guide

Hello lost humans of the internet.  I hope you’ve been avoiding dys-adventures and having only the best adventures.  “What’s a dys-adventure?” you may be asking.   I realized that I don’t think I’ve ever defined this word that I invented and use all the time.  It is a combinations of the words dyslexia and misadventure and means a misadventure or mistake that is the direct result of my learning disability.

“AK, what does this have to do with a Packing Guide?”  Absolutely noting, I just wanted to get that out of the way because I’ve been using a made up word for over a year without defining it.  You’ve probably figured it out based on context, if not now you know.

Today I’m going to be talking about how to pack a carry on for a long flight. 

I am by no means a travel expert seeing as this will only be my second time to ever even be on a plane.  But, I did make mistakes last time and I know what I wish I had brought with me.  Without further ado, humans of the internet, this is my carry on packing list.

  1. a backpack — I use a backpack for my carry on bag.  Actually I tend to use my backpack anytime I need luggage at all.  It’s really old at this point my sister is in her mid-twenties now and she used it when she was in middle school (that’s over a decade for anyone who does feel like doing the math).
  2. computer — obviously, I need my computer.  Don’t forget to download some movies or television episodes to watch on the plane.  I prefer episodes because they are shorter and I can watch an episode then do something else.  Computer can also be used for writing blog posts, stories, poems, whatever you’re into.
  3. coloring book — This is perfect for us dyslexics.  Last time I was on a plane (aka the first time I was on a plane) I tried bringing a book to read, but I could not concentrate enough to read, so this time I’m bringing a coloring book, specifically a Pokemon coloring book because I am a nerd and that is okay.
  4. colored pencils — if you have a coloring book, you have to be able to color it.
  5. outfit — one outfit that you can put on just in case.  I’ve had a nightmare where someone spilled wine on me and I then had to sit for 8 hours on a plane covered in wine.  I know, it’s a weird dream, but I’m packing an outfit just in case.
  6. disinfectant wipes — you are about to be enclosed with a bunch of people for an extended amount to time, that means germs, germs everywhere.  Wipe down everything!  Even if people think you’re crazy, at least you won’t get sick
  7. chewing gun — this one is especially important for me because my ears pop.  A lot.  My ears have popped riding an elevator and taking the lift to my flat on the 6th floor.  Anything that helps is coming with me.
  8. medicine — if you’re going to be on a long flight and have medicine that you take every morning or something, put it in you’re carry on.  It’s not doing you any good in the cargo.  Not that I accidentally put my meds in my suitcase instead of my carry on or anything….
  9. headphones — You can get the little cheap earbuds on the plane or you can pack giant hot pink headphones that fill you with joy, it’s up to you really.

And I think that’s it.  That is everything that I have in my carry on.  I did leave space so that I can buy snacks at the airport and bring them onto the plane.  I don’t know if you are technically supposed to do this, but I did it last time and no one said anything or seemed to notice.  I’m assuming it’s fine.

What do you put in you’re carry on?  Any must haves that I’m going to regret tomorrow when I get on the plane?  Let us know by writing on the cute little envelope at the bottom of the page.  Until next week, keep it weird


(10. Don’t forget your passport and any other paperwork you might need for where you are going!  I put that in my purse, but some people use their carry on.)


I'm a writer with dyslexic.

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