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AK’s Adventures on the Tube

Hello lost humans of the Internet! I hope that y’all have had a wonderful week, thanks for coming back to see what’s up, unless you are new here.  In that case: welcome to this blog about bumbling through life!  Today I wanted to talk about all the interesting interactions I have had with strangers since arriving in London.  (I will actually be limiting this to the three that happened while riding the underground because you do not want to read a post long enough to encompass every bizarre interaction).  

  1. “Too Short”  One day, when I was on thetube (you probably guessed from the title that I would be on the tube) it was really crowded.  I have no problem standing on the tube and holding on to the little bar things that are all over the place.  However all of the easy to reach bars were taken, so i stood on tip toes and grabbed the overhead bar as tight as I could in preparation of the train starting.  It turns out that I’m shorter than I thought I was.  So, when the train started the momentum still made me lose my balance.  But because I still had a grip on the over head bar, instead of falling over, I swung like an awkward orangutan into the two men standing behind me.  I apologized and tried to get my footing, but for some reason, i couldn’t.  After a few moments, one of the men grabbed me by my back pack and snatched me off the bar.
  2. “Newspaper Men”  On a rainy Sunday a friend and I were taking the tube back to campus.  The whole carriage only had four people: my friend, myself, and two men in suits who were casually reading newspapers and chatting with each other about current events.  My friend and I mostly ignored them as they chatted about what ever was in the newspapers.  For some reason, the lights on the tube on this particular day were being extra flickery.  For a few seconds the lights went completely out and it was about as dark as a cave with no head lamps (most of you probably don’t know how dark that is so I should probably think of a better analogy)  It was really, really dark.  While the lights were out the two men kept talking, except now they were talking about potential bombings in the tube.  I mean, seriously random men? Why would you talk about ways to die on the tube while we are in the dark on the tube?  I didn’t need this in my life, random men!  I may never be able to take the tube again.  At least I’ll be in really good shape from walking everywhere.   But, possibly the best part of this encounter was that when the lights came back the men were still gazing down at their newspapers as if they had been reading them the whole time.
  3. “The Teacher Man”  I finally got back on the tube yesterday, and it may have been a mistake.  The people that I was with sat together, but there were no more seats near them so I took a seat a little bit off from them.  At the next stop, two obviously drunk men sat down on either side of me.  (I’m pretty short, if you hadn’t guessed that from the first story in this post).  The two drunk men talked over my head as if I wasn’t there for a few seconds, then one stumbled off to talk to a girl on the other side to the carriage.  It was pretty amusing to watch a drunk man trying to walk as the train was starting.  The man was still sitting leaned over to inform me that he was a teacher, but not a regular teacher:  He saw himself as a role model to everyone.  He went on to tell me that he had a positive affect on everyone he meets.  According to him even random people on the bus or tube will never forget him.  (Which I guess he was right because here I am writing about him in a blog.  I hope you are proud teacher man).

So, that’s just a few of my adventures.  If anyone’s interested, I’ll write down a few more like the growling man.  Have you met anyone like that in your life?  Are you one of those people?  Are you like me and probably fall into both of these categories?  Let me know, I’d love to hear some funny stories and maybe feel less awkward about swinging like an orangutaun.  Until next week, keep it weird guys!

Much love, AK


I'm a writer with dyslexic.

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