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Hello spooky humans of the internet!  This is my favorite day of the whole year, which is why I elected to wait and write this blog post today instead of Friday or Saturday as usual.  I usually dress up in a different costume everyday of the week leading up to Halloween in something that I like to call “Halloweek”.  My original plan was to dress up everyday this week leading up to Halloween on Monday.  However, for multiple reasons I am only doing one costume this year.  Time to talk about Halloween!

I also noticed a severe lack of Halloween stuff around.  In the U.S. there are costumes and decorations out in the stores for all of October and sometimes even at the end of September.  I don’t know if I just don’t know where to look, but I really didn’t see that much Halloween stuff out in stores until about a week ago.  I don’t know if this is all over the UK or just in this particular part of London.  I have heard from several friends that the only people who actually get into Halloween are children and people at clubs.  Any British people out there, let me know if this is true.

Now, as I abruptly change direction of this post, I’m dressing as the universe this year. p1010039 This costume was suggested by my older sister.  I watched about a million YouTube videos to learn how to do it.  Of course, I did not mimic theirs exactly because with make-up you have to take your own face shape into account.  Here are links to a few of the useful make-up tutorials that i watched:


Space Princess GALAXY FRECKLES Makeup – Inspired by Qinni

Galaxy Freckles Makeup Tutorial!

These are all amazing make-up artists and even if you don’t want to do galaxy make-up you should watch their videos!  I’d love to here about what you are all going to be for Halloween, so describe it or put pictures down in the comments.  Unless you hate Halloween, then I guess you can tell me why you don’t like it, or talk about you’re favorite holiday instead.

Until next week, keep it weird guys.  Much love, AK


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