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My First Dys-Adventure in London


Greetings lost interneters, I’m so glad that you have found my site and are choosing to read this blog.  I have been planning a really good post about expectations versus reality when coming to a new place.  However, I’m going to tell you about my Dys-Adventure from yesterday.  I will save the other post for next week, unless something else more exciting happens to me.

First, I believe I mentioned in post a week or two ago, the road signs here are very confusing to me.  I stand by that.  But in this particular case, I was looking for a street called Ontario.  This street is supposed to be a short cut to my class.  It didn’t end up as much of a short cut.  I paced back and forth down Keyworth, because Ontario is supposed in intersect it at some point.  I couldn’t find any of the street signs.  Any of them.

Finally I find street signs, posted way up high on the sides of buildings.  However, I couldn’t tell what they said.  There were only two possible streets that it could be and I couldn’t read either of the signs.  I wasn’t even sure if they were actually street signs, I was just assuming that.

So, I was pacing up and down the street and starting to panic because I was afraid that I was going to be late for class, even though I still had about 20 minutes left until the class.  Finally, I found a man in a police looking uniform and asked him if he could point me towards Ontario Street.  He looked at me looking really confused for a moment or two.  By the way, did i mention that he was on a street corner standing directly in front of one of the two signs that I couldn’t read?  Well, he was.  He looked at me and I almost asked if he had heard me or understood me, because I’ve had a lot of problem with people not being able to understand me.  Just before I did, the man turned around and pointed at the sign right behind him and informed me that I was standing on the corner of Ontario street.

I smiled and thanked him as politely as I could and started off down the street as the man stared at me with his eye browns raised.

I hope you get a laugh at my awkward life and come back next week to hear more about it.  Let me know if there is anything you’d like to hear about specifically in the comments, or if you’d like to talk about something similar that has happened to you put that in the comment section as well.  Much love guys, Keep it weird.



I'm a writer with dyslexic.

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