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First Friday in London!

Hello, humans of the internet!  This is my first week in a brand new city, a new country, a new culture.  Time for some first impressions!

  1.  Way more culture shock then I expected.  I hadn’t expected to have much culture shock at all. I speak the language, I know people from here.  I watch British television.  But, turns out that everything is different here.  A huge portion of my culture shock is due to being in a city.  This is the biggest place I’ve been and I’m now suddenly living her on my own!  Please leave any questions about the culture in the comments and I’ll try to answer them in a future blog.
  2. Dyslexic navigation!  Reading street signs of places that I’ve never seen before is so difficult.  I was sent to Keyworth St.  (It’s about a two minute walk from where I’m living).  It took me half an hour and I ended up all the way at Elephant and Castle Market.  I can not tell what any of the signs say.  Luckily, I have met some amazing people that have helped me.  Let me know if you would like to learn more about how amazing the airport was about helping me out with finding what I need and I’ll to a blog post about it.
  3. Accents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                                                 There are so many accents and languages here.  Everyone that I’ve spoken to sounds completely different.  Even people who are from the same country.  I don’t know what that is surprising to me seeing as everyone in the U.S. sounds different.  It is a little difficult to switch listening gears in your head for literally everyone that you talk to.                                                                                              Everyone have a wonderful week.  I hope that you are filled with joy and have lots of adventures.  Anything at all that you are curious about, leave a comment and I will get to it.  Keep it weird, you wonderful human.




I'm a writer with dyslexic.

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