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Graduation Season

It’s Saturday.  One of my favorite days of the week.  This particular Saturday I will be celebrating the high school graduation of one of my younger cousins, which got my thinking about high school graduation in general.

There really is nothing quite like graduating from high school.  It’s more of a rite of passage than anything else.  You get to be surrounded by all of your friends that you’ve known since you were young and all your family comes to celebrate with you.  It’s like one last blast of home building you up in preparation for going out and chasing your dreams.  Please note that I chose the word chasing not following.  If you are following your dreams you are always behind them being lead on.  However, when you begin chasing them, you are now running after them with the intent of catching them.  So, chase your dreams and when you catch up to them make some more.

I hope the best for all of the wonderful young people who are graduating this year.  Chase your dreams where ever they may go.

Much love



I'm a writer with dyslexic.

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