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Long Week

Hello, interwebbers, last week was a very long week.  I spent most of it hemming two bridesmaid dresses (one for my sister and one for a friend of hers).  You would not believe how long that took it was insane!  It looked all easy at first, but the more I worked on it I discovered that the dresses had been made unevenly in the first place so I had to fix that and take it up.  In the end, they both looked nice and it was a lovely wedding, best wishes to the happy couple.

I also got a temporary job working in a print shop.  It’s hard work, but a little sweat and extra muscle never hurt any body.  (Well, technically, my back still hurts, but I’ll live).

I also have some tentative renaissance faire plans but even if those fall through I will totally be doing a blog post on renaissance faires especially the costumes.  That’s about all I’ve got for now, I’ll be writing a new post on Friday and I promise that I will put in real effort to get these out once a week for anyone who wants to read it.

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I'm a writer with dyslexic.

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