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Job Hunt and other things

Hello to everyone who accidentally finds this blog while looking for something else. I do hope you stick around to see what it’s all about.  And to everyone who came here in purpose, thank you and I hope you like it.

I realized yesterday that I completely forgot to write a post last week.  I hope this was not a disappointment for anyone.  I simply became far too wrapped up in stress over my job hunt.  On that note does anybody have job suggestions for me?

I had a fairly serious dysadventure the other day (at least it felt so at the time).  I was practicing Spanish at the time and meant to write “Como cebollas” which I think means I eat onions.  I wanted to say this because I love onions, they are delicious.  Except this isn’t what I said.  I said “Como caballos” which my dyslexic brain thought was the exact same word.  Turns out I was writing I eat horses.  So then I felt sad for the horses that I didn’t eat. And very glad that life isn’t a children’s television show where the real world is changed by misspellings to illustrate the importance of correct spelling.

Finally,  before I go, I would like to tell anyone who was waiting to hear that the winning name for the plush sheepie is (drumroll to build up before the anticlimactic reveal): Harold.  I feel that this is a great name for a sheep.

Last and far from least, please let me know if you want a post on something specific. Like do you want to hear about my cat? The chickens that hatched yesterday? How long it takes to get a passport?  My best friend’s maymester trip abroad?  (I’m sure she’d do a guest post for y’all)

Until next time, much love and keep it weird.

Anna Katherine


I'm a writer with dyslexic.

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