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I Survived! (And more important things)

Today, I made it all the way through my entire College Algebra Final without a single dys-adventure!  I realize that the lack of mishaps in my life might make for an incredibly boring blog post, but this is so rare, I just want to revel in it for a while.  (Of course, this is as far as I know.  There is a chance that I wrote everything backwards and just don’t know, but I’m going to focus on the fact that I think I did great.)

It is strange to think that I have just completed my junior year of college.  I simultaneously feel that I have just begun and that I have been studying here for ages.  It’s weird to think that I only have one more year and that half of that year is going to be spent studying abroad.  College is a really unique time in life.  Never before or again, will you be packed into a large building exclusively housing people of your age group while you are all focusing intently on the things that you are passionate about.  All of your best friends are within walking distance of you almost all the time.  In just a week a lot of people that I have become very close to will be graduating and its hard to imagine not being able to show up at their door at random times because you are just that stressed out.

Good luck to all the college seniors out there.  May you find the jobs or grad programs that you desire and may you chase your dreams whatever those dreams may be.  If your dream is to eat 10 gallons of ice cream in one day, do.

Now, to move on to much more pressing matter:  What would you name an incredibly soft toy sheepie?  This is very important and I really would love some answers.  So, please lost people of the interwebs who have stumbled upon this site at some strange hour after far too much computer time, leave a comment with your suggestion.  I have a name-less plushie on my hands and can’t let this continue.  Thank you in advanced for your help. It is much appreciated.  After a name is chosen, I will give you a proper introduction.

For now, everybody, keep it weird, keep it cute, and stay happy.

Much love,

Anna Katherine


I'm a writer with dyslexic.

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