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What a Week

This was a long week.  We are starting exams next week, so naturally, this week has been full of papers, tests, and projects in preparation for the exams.  Stress tends to aggravate learning disabilities like dyslexia.  Because I am both dyslexic and stressed, I have been seriously struggling through the last week, but still needed to do research for an art history paper that was a minimum of 5 pages.  It is hard to focus enough to read when you are crazy stressed.  So, naturally, I had a panic attack.

Then, my computer did a forced update that took a few hours. And when it did update, I could no longer get the computer to read the pages to me.  Which naturally lead to another panic attack.  Then having a panic attack made me start to panic about my stress.  This turned into a cycle of panic that I couldn’t get out of.  I would really like to go on to tell a really positive story about how I overcame this.  But that’s not what happened.

What actually happened was that I had a series of panic attacks over several days that eventually culminated in sitting on the floor of my friend’s house cuddling her two dogs while sobbing uncontrollably. That helped.  What helped the most was finding a new program that could read text on the computer to me.  Also watching an insane amount of Sailor Moon.

I realize that it’s almost an hour past when I’m supposed to post this and I’m sorry.  I’ll do better next week.  Much love and keep it weird.

Anna Katherine


I'm a writer with dyslexic.

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