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Tricks and Copes

Since this blog is dedicated to helping people with dyslexia and other learning disabilities be comfortable with how they are, I though that it would make sense to occasionally have some coping skills that I’ve learned over the years.  If you know some add them to the comments, maybe I’ll make a blog post about it.

Today’s coping skill is (open video game treasure chest to tune of the you did it music) sign language.

Obviously I can’t speak for everyone, this is just something that works for me.  Back in high school, I learned the ASL alphabet.  It wasn’t until a few months ago that I discovered that I could learn how to spell using it.  I don’t definitively know why, but I do have a theory.  Dyslexia has to do with understanding the shapes of letters and words.  ASL is a form of communication that does not involve writing.  So, I use sign language to cut out the middle man so to speak.  I’ve learned a lot of words with this method including “Zucchini” and “Parasite.”

As someone who has a lot of trouble with spelling, this has made me feel incredibly mighty.  Unfortunately I have yet to bring my new trick to the page, but at least I can spell at people.  If there is a spelling bee for college students, I’m set.


I'm a writer with dyslexic.

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